World’s first metal 3D printer without the need for post-processing

Easy production of one-click functional metal parts for Fortune 2000 companies. So easy an 8-year-old can use it.



No pre or post-processing
99.99% dense parts
Large build volume:
3m x 1,67m x 1,67 m
Compared to other metal 3D printing technologies, our solution is much better:
  • No post-processing needed
  • Produces fully dense parts
  • Wide range of metals can be used
  • High printing speed
  • High-quality metal parts
  • Larger 3D printed parts
  • Less material waste
  • No need for supports
  • Significantly cheaper materials
  • Ideal for repairing parts
  • Multi-material capabilities
  • Hybrid manufacturing capabilities
why we are better


  • Titanium alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Maraging steels
  • Tool steels
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Refractory metals (tantalum, tungsten, niobium)
  • Superalloys (Inconel, Hastelloy)
  • Nickel Copper
  • Other specialty materials, composites, and functionally graded materials
* Materials used in our technology are significantly cheaper than metal powders used in powder-bed metal automated manufacturing.

Quantum mechanics based system

Lasers combined with magnification lenses allow you to go to temperatures hotter than positive temperatures, approaching - negative kelvin, which is much hotter than positive infinite kelvin.

* Negative_temperature

Economic effect of implementation
  • Up to 200x savings relative to the manual operation of other machines
  • Up to 10x reduction per part over existing technologies
  • 99.99% dense parts, with low residual stress, less warping
  • No powder prep or clean-out
  • High throughput: Build rate is 0.5+ kg/h.
  • Large build volume: 3m x 1,67m x 1,67 m (8,36m3)
  • Waste reduction: 120%+ material yield
  • Low power consumption